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    Feminist Power Awards

    I was extremely honored to receive this award from the Feminist Press and CUNY. Here’s my acceptance speech about how Star Wars changed my life. It made actress Kathy Najimy laugh out loud, and she was in “Sister Act”, so she doesn’t mess around.  

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    Dog Agility (Yeah, it’s a sport)

    I compete at the highest level of national/int’l agility competitions with two of my dogs (Schmutzy and Plop), and it’s cool as all get out. Between them, they have a bunch of gold medals and big national titles. Here’s some video that looks almost nothing like “Best in Show”.   This video called, “Lady Still…

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    Political Activism

    Besides co-running a “Progressive Agility Activists” social action network with over 2,000 members, I also created a series of protest posters and postcards that were available to download for free at womensmarchposters.tumblr.com. They quickly became online hits, were covered in several major news outlets (like USA Today, Jezebel, Vice and Robert Reich’s newsfeed) and I…

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    My sister and I made some cool jewelry and sold it to cool people.  

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    Hot Dogs by Christopher Walken

    I no longer eat hot dogs, but I still love them. This is my favorite essay about hot dogs by Christopher Walken.